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Oxford Future of Cities Programme - Cultural Leadership: Tradition & Innovation Summer Course

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Welcome to the 2021 Oxford Future of Cities Programme - Cultural Leadership: Tradition & Innovation Summer Course!

Keywords: cultural leadership, cultural heritage, cultural & creative sector, culture & civilisation, design & planning, fashion, literary production, media, museums, music, sustainability, urban and cosmopolitan development

Our world and civilisation are at a critical juncture. Across the globe, cultural and social disintegration, economic recessions, public health crises, political instability, international conflicts, and environmental disasters post unprecedented challenges to many cities, regions, and countries. Together these compounded challenges are destabilising the world and rendering the future of humanity and civilisation vulnerable. The need to train leaders with a clear understanding of the importance roles cultural development has played in safeguarding and revitalising human societies and the skills needed to lead cultural innovation and creatively address the key issues of our times has never been more pressing.

The Oxford Future of Cities Programme - Cultural Leadership: Tradition & Innovation Short Course is provided in collaboration with the University of Oxford Network for the Future of Cities. The course is designed to help talented university students and professionals aspiring to leadership positions explore the importance of urban cultural development within its historical and modern contexts so as to preserve our cultural heritage whilst achieving innovation to maintain cultural vibrancy and contribute to critical aspects of the contemporary world. Aiming to connect top research and best practice, the course engages attendees in interactive lectures and workshops taught by leading experts from relevant branches of the University of Oxford and other leading research institutions, cultural institutions, and creative industry. Together the experts will showcase the indispensable roles the cultural and creative sectors have played in meaningful human existence and their capacity to interact with other aspects of society to contribute to cultural, economic, environmental, social, urban, and peace development in the world.

The course also invites outstanding young scholars and professionals at the University of Oxford to share their academic or professional experience and to guide attendees in short research and practice projects. The course also offers sessions that help the attendees develop important leadership skills in the cultural and creative sectors. As an integral part of this course, attendees are given the opportunity of applying their knowledge and experience under the supervision of experienced supervisors or tutors to working on relevant research and practice-based projects to help tackle local challenges in relevant parts of the world where the University of Oxford Network for the Future of Cities has existing partnerships.

Programme Title
Oxford Future of Cities Programme - Cultural Leadership: Tradition & Innovation Summer Course
Saturday 17th July 2021 — Friday 30th July 2021

Online or Residential



Managing Cultural Institution

Literary Production

Heritage & Sustainability

Music, Media and Society

Fashion Industry and Cosmopolitanism


Postgraduate applications and research

Public speaking & debating

Research methods

Project management

Working with international design and planning firm

Sharing Sessions

Outstanding postgraduate students from Oxford and other leading UK universities share about their relevant fields of study and work and hold panel discussions with attendees.


There will also be cultural & social activities that are designed to help attendees to experience British culture and get to know one another and the Oxford students involved in the course. The course also arranges relevant site visits and tours (applicable to residential attendees only).


Our rights to make changes to the short course
We endeavour to deliver the short courses as they are advertised in our course promotional materials. In response to the need for improvement of the course, the availability of teaching staff, operational demands, and changing circumstances, we may make changes to the following aspects of the short course before and after the start of the short course: (1) the course date, schedule and timetable; (2) the course content and syllabus; (3) teaching faculty; and (4) the delivery method.