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Upcoming Study Programmes

Oxford Study Programme Short Courses

With Covid-19, the world has been ushered into a period of uncertainty and instability. The pandemic has triggered a series of health, economic, social, and geo-political challenges at a global scale. In the meantime, the challenges brought about by the pandemic are exacerbated by other fast-spreading and intensified global risks, such as climate change-related disasters, ethnic tensions, social unrest, and regional and global conflicts. Together these compounded global challenge are destabilising the world and rendering the future of humanity and civilisation vulnerable. The need to train leaders with a global perspective, advanced skills, and shared values, goals and commitment that could help tackle these challenges for global peace, prosperity and stability is ever more pressing.  

Built upon its past success in leadership training, Summit Education Enterprise continues to collaborate closely with experts from leading academic institutions, government agencies, business and industrial organisations in the UK and worldwide to design and deliver high-quality training courses that aim to equip current and future leaders to build a better and more sustainable and stable future for humanity and the environment. 

We are glad to announce that we will offer the following two online short courses through our Oxford Study Programme. 

About our Programmes

Designed by members of the renowned University of Oxford academic community, Summit Education Enterprise is proud to offer a number of education programmes for university students, graduates and young professionals from all over the world. The programmes offer participants the opportunity to explore different aspects of Oxford education, experience student life in Oxford and be immersed in British Culture. It serves as excellent preparation for those who plan to pursue postgraduate study in the UK or who wish to enhance their future career prospects in a global environment. Summit Education Enterprise offers the Multidisciplinary and Arts & Humanities 'Oxford Study Programme' which are programmes open to students and young professionals from all over the world. Bespoke programmes are also available for partner institutions.

The Future of Cities programme helped me find my current job at HR&A Advisors.

Carl Hooks

As a result of attending the Oxford Future of Cities Course 2017, Andrew, a graduate from Brown University, now works at Foster + Partners.

Andrew Vann