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Samuel Chen, Dr. (MA, Harvard; DPhil, Oxford)

Founder & Director

Samuel Chen

Samuel Chen has over 20 years of working experience with a variety of educational systems and settings in the US, UK, and China where he has taught different academic subjects to university, secondary school, and primary school students. At the University of Oxford, he teaches 4 Middle and Far Eastern languages and respective cultures, world literature, and global history. With the rising demand for knowledge of Chinese language and culture, he has tutored Chinese language and culture to undergraduate and postgraduate students from 14 different colleges at the University since 2007. Among these are exchange students from the US and Europe. He has also taught Chinese language, history and culture to secondary school students from Cheney School, Cherwell College, Eton College, and Headington School as well as professionals in Oxford.

He has many years of first-hand knowledge of the application process in nearly the entire education system in the US and UK. In recent years, he has focused on tutoring and preparing students for secondary school applications in the UK. Since 2010, he has successfully helped students enter into selective UK independent schools, including Eton College, Magdalen College School, and Oxford High School.

Apart from his teaching career, he has 22 years of project management experience. He has designed and managed high-profile international projects in research, education, training, business, and industry in the US (Washington, D.C.; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Los Angeles), UK (Oxford and London); and China (Beijing, Chengdu, and Changsha) in collaboration with leading universities and organisations, such as the University of Oxford, Peking University, the Library of Congress, and the Confucius Institute at the University of Maryland.

He has also served as a consultant to education and research institutions, government organisations, industrial sectors, high-tech businesses, foundations, and non-profit organisations since 2009, on projects related to student recruitment, academic research, sustainable development, international collaboration, market research, business strategies, and public relations, in the US, UK and China.

He began his entrepreneurial career in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he founded an academic and social enterprise platform to promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration among students, scholars and professionals among Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Business School, Kennedy School of Government, Law School, and School of Education; MIT, and the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2002. Five years later, he founded a similar platform among students and fellows from the Humanities; Medical Sciences; Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences Divisions, and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He moved into business entrepreneurship and founded SEE in February 2012.

A leading expert on the dynamic relationship between tradition and innovation, focusing on how various traditions evolve, converge, interact and are adapted in order to maintain their vitality and relevance in new cultural and social contexts, he was a Research Fellow working on History of Civilisation at Wolfson College, University of Oxford between 2010 and 2017. Among his current roles, he also serves as Research Fellow and China Liaison for the PEAK Urban Project at the Centre for Migration, Policy and Society and as Research Associate and Training Programmes Manager at the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, University of Oxford.