Our UK Team

Dr Samuel Chen (MA, Harvard; DPhil, Oxford)

Founder & Director

Samuel Chen has 14 years of working experience with a variety of educational systems and settings in the US, UK, and China where he has taught different academic subjects to university, secondary school, and primary school students. At the University of Oxford, he teaches 4 Middle and Far Eastern languages and respective cultures, world literature, and global history. With the rising demand for knowledge of Chinese language and culture, he has tutored Chinese language and culture to undergraduate and postgraduate students from 14 different colleges at the University since 2007. Among these are exchange students from the US and Europe. He has also taught Chinese language, history and culture to secondary school students from Cheney School, Cherwell College, Eton College, and Headington School as well as professionals in Oxford.

He has many years of first-hand knowledge of the application process in nearly the entire education system in the US and UK. In recent years, he has focused on tutoring and preparing students for secondary school applications in the UK. Since 2010, he has successfully helped students enter into selective UK independent schools, including Eton College, Magdalen College School, and Oxford High School.

Apart from his teaching career, he has 22 years of project management experience. He has designed and managed high-profile international projects in research, education, training, business, and industry in the US (Washington, D.C.; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Los Angeles), UK (Oxford and London); and China (Beijing, Chengdu, and Changsha) in collaboration with leading universities and organisations, such as the University of Oxford, Peking University, the Library of Congress, and the Confucius Institute at the University of Maryland.

He has also served as a consultant to education and research institutions, government organisations, industrial sectors, high-tech businesses, foundations, and non-profit organisations since 2009, on projects related to student recruitment, academic research, sustainable development, international collaboration, market research, business strategies, and public relations, in the US, UK and China.

He began his entrepreneurial career in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he founded an academic and social enterprise platform to promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration among students, scholars and professionals among Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Business School, Kennedy School of Government, Law School, and School of Education; MIT, and the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2002. Five years later, he founded a similar platform among students and fellows from the Humanities; Medical Sciences; Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences Divisions, and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He moved into business entrepreneurship and founded SEE in February 2012.

A leading expert on the dynamic relationship between tradition and innovation, focusing on how various traditions evolve, converge, interact and are adapted in order to maintain their vitality and relevance in new cultural and social contexts, he was a Research Fellow working on History of Civilisation at Wolfson College, University of Oxford between 2010 and 2017. Among his current roles, he also serves as Research Fellow and China Liaison for the PEAK Urban Project at the Centre for Migration, Policy and Society and as Research Associate and Training Programmes Manager at the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, University of Oxford.

He now also serves as Research Fellow and China Liaison for the

Dr Hongping Nie

Co-Founder & Co-Director 

Hongping Nie holds a MA in Education and a PhD in Cross-cultural Education from the US. She has done postgraduate study at the University of Southern California and the Harvard School of Education.

She has many years of teaching experience in a wide range of education settings in China, the US and UK. During her teaching career in the past ten years, she has taught Chinese language, culture and news as a Faculty Tutor at the Institute for Chinese Studies, the Faculty of Oriental Studies; Chinese modern history and contemporary politics and society in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Programme at the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Politics and International Relations; and Chinese language at different colleges (Hertford, Mansfield, New, St Catherine’s, and Wadham), the Language Centre and the School of Continuing Education, University of Oxford. Apart from teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at Oxford, she has also taught exchange students from Brown University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, and Williams College. She is also a tutor in Chinese modern history and China-UK business at the Oxford Study Abroad Programme. She has also taught Chinese language to primary and secondary school students and is currently a language tutor at the Dragon School, Oxford.

In addition to teaching British and American students in the UK, Hongping Nie has also taught on British culture and education to Chinese university students coming to the University of Oxford for Summer School Programmes and to Chinese executives coming to study in the Executive Programme at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She has lectured on Chinese Studies in the West at different universities in China, such as Fudan University, Chongqing University, Shenzhen University, Sichuan University and Southwestern University.

Apart from her teaching experience, Hongping Nie has been involved in research on China’s contemporary history, culture and politics as a researcher at the Faculty of History, the China Centre, and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford since 2008. Her recent research dealt with China’s social media including the internet and online gaming, as well as the history of China’s maritime trade and foreign businesses (e.g. Jardines) in China. She has also carried out a market research for major corporations such as Merlin Entertainments. 

Hongping also serves as a China Analyst for Oxford Analytica, briefing regularly on China’s socio-economic, political, cultural developments and international relations. In addition, she has also been involved in various PR activities helping establish high-profile contacts and networks between British and Chinese universities, government think-tanks, libraries, museums, and industries for the University of Oxford.

Hongping Nie has also been involved in entrepreneurial and organisational projects in China, the US and UK. She started one of the first private education enterprises in China between 1985 and 1992 and was involved in social and academic enterprises at Harvard University and the University of Oxford between 2002 and 2008, as well as in the founding of SEE in 2012 and SEE’s subsequent operations.

Before coming to SEE, Hongping Nie worked as an Executive Officer at the University of Oxford's Development Office and Executive Officer at the China Institute of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

Currently she is also a Research Associate at the Oxford University China Centre, and Chief of Examiners in the School of Interdisplinary Areas Studies, University of Oxford. 

Matthew Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Before joining SEE in October 2017, Matthew Richardson had served as an Advisor to SEE since 2014 and also served as Director of Research - European Real Estate, at Fidelity Worldwide Investment since March 2007 and was responsible for establishing the research and risk management process for pan European real estate. He has more than 25 years of experience working in the global property industry. Prior to joining Fidelity, he was head of Property Finance at Experian Business Strategies in the UK. Between 2000 and 2003, he was Executive Director at Freeman Publishing Inc., delivering business information solutions to the property sector.
Between 1996 and 2000, Matt was founder and Managing Director at Property Market Intelligence Limited in Hong Kong. Prior to that he held a variety of roles at different companies, including Director of Asia Operations at Dow Jones; Regional Research Director - Asia Pacific at Brooke Hillier Parker; Manager of Central London Research Team at CB Hillier Parker and Senior Analyst at IPD in the UK.
Matt is a visiting lecturer at Oxford Brooks University and has also lectured at the University of Oxford, Cambridge University, the London Business School, LSE, and UCL in recent years. He is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events.
Matt was educated at Launceston College and Leicester University where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economic History.

Simon Talbot (BSc (Hons), Surrey)

Office Manager

Simon joins the SEE team with a wealth of experience managing academic and cultural programmes delivered in the UK and overseas. He has worked in the industry for over ten years with students from over 100 different countries, aged from 7 years old to 90 years old, in Junior summer schools, English language schools, and in Futher and Higher Education institutions. He has a passion for cultural exchange, offering visitors a warm welcome to the UK, and ensuring that every part of the student experience is positive and enriching. 

Simon studied International Hospitality Management at the University of Surrey, is a CELTA qualified English language teacher and is a trained Senior Safeguarding Officer. 

Dr Jiming Zhu (BSc, Peking University; MSc & DPhil, Oxford)

Strategic Liaison Officer

Jiming is a Research Fellow at the China Medical Board. He was also a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Oxford where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil; internationally known as PhD) in Public Health at Oxford as a China Scholarship Council Scholar, and Master of Science in Global Health Science at Oxford as a Li Ka Shing Scholar. Prior to Oxford, he obtained a Bachelor degree in Economics from Peking University. Jiming is one of the few key persons leading to the establishment of the China Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals for Residency Education, which consists of the best hospitals in China and greatly helps modernise China’s graduate medical education. He is also the youngest Chinese citizen publishing a full article as both the first and correspondence author in the best medical journal The Lancet (impact factor: 46.119). Jiming has participated in many projects, commissioned by the ministries in China and the international organisations, such as (1) the analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals for the central government’s blueprint called ‘Healthy China 2030’, (2) the integration of green growth and poverty (commissioned by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development), and (3) the cost estimation of the core package of maternal and child health service funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and China’s Ministry of Finance.


Luna Wang (BA, Peking University; MSc & MA, Oxford)

China Projects Officer

Luna Wang received her BA in Law and Economics from Peking University in 2007. Subsequently she passed the Chinese National Judicial Examination and obtained the lawyer qualifications in 2008. 

In 2011 she finished a masters degree in Sociology at the University of Oxford, focusing on migration between urban and rural areas inside China. Her research aimed at uncovering the selective process of return migration and the factors contributing to this phenomenon, in order to help both urban and rural governments to have an objective understanding of this internal migration on a massive scale in the rapid process of urbanisation, so that relevant policies can be made to maintain social stability and absorb surplus labour. 

Luna is currently pursuing another masters degree, in the Humanities Division this time, at the University of Oxford.

Luna has diverse work experience. She led volunteer work at Peking University, because of which she was invited by the Beijing International Voluneers Association to co-author a series of books entitled Volunteer Reader. These were published by China Radio International Press in 2006 and thereafter used as training materials for volunteers of the 2008 Olympic Games. 

Before coming to Oxford, Luna also worked for three years as Investment Advisor and Project Manager in real estate industry in Beijing for two leading developers. 

After graduation from her first masters degree at Oxford, Luna served as a mentor to postgraduate students at the University of Oxford for three years, providing support to a wide range of students coming from more than 30 nationalities. Familiar with both English and Chinese cultures, Luna has also worked closely with many Chinese visiting scholars from many Chinese universities. She has also facilitated and organised exchange programmes, building connections between the University of Oxford and universities in China.

In addition to her role as China Project Officer at SEE, Luna also works as a programme coordinator for the Oxford Character Project at the University of Oxford. This is a pioneering project seeking to help talented Oxford postgraduate students develop key virtues of character that will prepare them to be mature thinkers and leaders who go on to have a significant influence and impact around the world. 


Lucy Han (BA; MA, St Andrew's; MA, Oxford)

Operations Co-ordinator

Lucy graduated from St Andrew's University and the University of Oxford. She enjoys sports, writing and internatoinal students activities.

Sarah Bruhn (BSc & MSc, University of Erfurt; MSc, Oxford)

Programme Manager

Sarah Bruhn found her passion in supporting and developing organisational systems as well as designing structures, conducting research and helping people reach their full potential through education. As Programme Operations Officer at SEE, she focuses on designing structures and operations for the educational programmes, providing training for staff and helping with overall development of the company.

Prior to joining SEE, she completed her MSc at the University of Oxford (Research Training) in 2016 and gained valuable work experience with the Disability Advisory Services at the University of Oxford in which she assisted students with areas of concern, as well as delivering excellent pastoral care and administrative duties.

During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Inclusive Education at the University of Erfurt she received broad theoretical insights and practical experiences in the German education system and was involved in designing and developing educational courses with the Director of the Erfurter School of Education (University of Erfurt, Germany). In the scope of her degrees she conducted research concerning the redesigning of organisational structures in educational institutions and systems in Germany and England.

Sarah has also gained earlier experiences of leadership by organising events and projects in her schools, youth groups, local and international charities she volunteered for. These experiences include events, operations and network management, as well as teaching and training of staff. She also brings to SEE proven experiences in pastoral care of all age groups which she has gained through volunteering in a variety of charities in Germany, UK and Hong Kong. Moreover, she has an enriching passion for photography which is an important aspect in working for SEE.


Carolina Antonsson Hamid (BA, Hons, European Business School London; MSc, Stockholm University)

Marketing and Business Development Officer

As an entrepreneur and professional, Carolina came to SEE with many years of international experience and professional knowledge from having worked as an entrepreneur and with multinational corporations. She obtained a Bachelor's degree (Hons) in Economics from European Business School London in 1999, after which she worked in the heart of the financial centre of London creating new and efficient online trading systems for Bloomberg. She did her Masters on New Media and Education Change at Stockholm University, and has pastoral experience working as a student councilor in Asia for ACE International.


Xi Lian (MA, Sheffield; MRes, UCL)

Programme Assistant

Xi accomplished her MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOL at the University of Sheffield in 2012 and received her MRes in Speech Language and Cognition from University College London in 2013. She is currently pursing her DPhil in Education at the University of Oxford, focusing on child language learning, language assessment and curriculum implementation. Xi offers Summit Education Enterprise support on many aspects of the planning and delivery of our academic programmes.

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