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Independent schools in the UK are renowned for their world-class quality and prestige. Apart from Eton and Harrow which many students and parents are most familiar with through the media, there are many other independent schools in the UK that offer outstanding education. There is a rich variety in the independent school sector that can meet individual needs of students and their families: prep schools, comprehensive schools, boys’ schools, girls’ schools, co-ed schools, day schools, and boarding schools.

Compared to state schools, independent schools have smaller classes with more individual attention given by teachers to students; better facilitates; broader curricula to help students develop academically, socially, culturally, and physically; more guidance for further academic pursuits and future careers; a stronger emphasis on independent learning habits and leadership skills; and better pastoral care. In general, the success rate of graduates from independent schools entering top universities is higher, though in recent years some of the UK state schools are closing the gap with excellent performance at GCSE and A-level examinations.

With a fast-growing number of overseas students applying to UK independent schools and the quota the schools try to keep for students from each country or region in order to maintain a cultural balance among enrolled students, it has become increasingly competitive to gain admission into selective independent schools in the UK. In order to be successful in increasingly competitive school applications and to effectively navigate through various choices of independent schools and their complex and divergent application requirements and procedures, applicants will save much time and benefit greatly by turning to our experienced consultants.

We have been successful in helping students gain 11+ and 13+ admission at a variety of independent schools in the UK.

Our services can cover the following areas:

  • initial assessment of each student’s current academic development, extracurricular activities or achievements, goals, and aspirations
  • assisting each student and his or her family in choosing suitable schools for the student
  • assisting each student apply to schools
  • providing guidance and tutoring for each student in preparation of early assessments (of aptitude and potential), entrance examinations, and interviews at his or her applied schools
  • accompanying each student and his or her family to applied schools for visits and the student’s early assessments, examinations and interviews

Timing is of the essence. Because school applications, especially at selective schools, take a lengthy process and several years of preparation, we highly recommend that students and their families get in touch with us as early as possible to ensure satisfactory results. Please be aware of several key stages of entry: 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, and 16+, with certain schools, especially boarding schools, having fewer stages of entry. The level of competition goes up as the stage gets higher. Therefore we recommend applying for entry at the earlier stages, which will not only help avoid a higher level of competition at the later stages but also help students to become adjusted to their applied schools as early as possible and to prevent more difficult academic and social transmissions and greater interruptions for applicants as a result of entry at the later stages. International applicants should also bear in mind that it would take them a longer period of preparation than UK applicants in order to pass different stages of assessment at selective schools.

Please contact us for discussion about our services and charges.

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